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17 December 2014

Organize Your Home the Wright Way

Is your home in disarray? Have your treasures gone astray? If this was the year of “living dangerously” in your cluttered and disorganized home, now is a good time to change that. You can trade chaos for calm by turning your disorganized home into a model of order and efficiency.   Here’s five easy ways to get your stuff together and take control of your clutter:

  1.       Out with the old

The first thing you need to do is purge.  Make it a priority to go through closets, storage spaces, and overflowing drawers to get rid of the surplus. Do not keep items for a “what if” scenario - if you don’t use it, lose it.  Clean like you were moving – If you wouldn’t take it to a new home, you don’t need it in this one. Once you get rid of all the excess stuff you’ll be amazed at how much better every room in your home looks and feels.

  1.       Add storage solutions

Now that you’ve pruned your possessions, it’s time to find proper storage systems for the things you kept.  Say no to magazines stacked on coffee tables, clothing stored on bedroom floors, and papers piled in the office. There are lots of stores and websites devoted to storage solutions.  Here you can find shelves for your books and knickknacks, decorative baskets for the kitchen and organizers for office. How about storage cubes for the bathroom and bedroom? These solutions not only stash your stuff, but create more usable space.

  1.     Double Duty Furniture

Think about investing in furniture that doubles as a storage solution. There are beds, ottomans, coffee tables, T.V units and more that have ample amounts of space hidden within. These organizing options are especially useful if you have young children- just toss the toys into a trunk that doubles as a coffee table and presto, you have an organized room.

  1.     Utilize Wall Space

Maximize vertical space by adding hooks and shelving. This solution will get things off the ground and create more open space. Adding hooks is an easy and convenient way to maximize storage in the laundry room or mud room and extra coat hooks in the entryway can de clutter an overstuffed closet.  Wall shelves and cupboards create great nooks and crannies for storage of everything from basketballs to bath towels. Utilizing wall storage is a great way to create an organized and tidy home.

  1.     Commit to keeping your home organized


In order to stick to your resolution of being organized and clutter free, you need to be consistent. Doing it once and immediately falling back into old patterns won’t get you anywhere. These organizing tips will make a big difference in your daily life and give your home a simple, cost effective makeover.  When you get rid of items you don’t use, and stay committed to your new plan, you can combat chaos and live the life you’ve always wanted.

This is the year to organize your home the Wright way.