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24 January 2016

Winter has not yet taken over, leaving you just enough time to get your place prepped before snow is here to stay! Here are 7 ways to brace for the elements: 

1. Start outside.

Maintaining the outside of your home is essential. Shut off the water supply to the outdoor faucet and bring in your hose. Protect the barbeque if you don’t use it year round. Safely remove your lawnmower battery and run it out of fuel for safekeeping. Next, get your shovels, sand, and salt ready to use. Ensure that the gutters are free of debris and assess your exterior for any exposed pipes in danger of freezing.

2. Give the façade a facelift.

Instantly boost the look of your entrance with a new door. It’s considered to offer the best return on your remodeling investment. An ineffective door can easily account for around 10% of the heat lost from a home. Keep your precious heat in!

3. Ready the windows.

Windows offer an even bigger potential for heat loss. If your home is drafty and you don’t want to spend to replace them, cover the windows with clear shrink film. Making the investment to replace outdated windows will yield a return on investment in the high eighties.

4. Service the furnace.

Get a professional to come in to clean the furnace, check for leaks, and change the filter. Keep several filters on hand to use over the winter. If you have hot water radiators, bleed the valves. A clean furnace is the key to a warm and safe home. 

5. Monitor air quality.

Make sure to have smoke, radon, and carbon dioxide detectors that work properly. Test them and replace the batteries before you settle down inside for the winter.

6. Set the thermostat to save.

Using programmable thermostats can be an effective way to save on energy consumption and heating bills. Lower the temperature by about 2-3 degrees for optimum savings. Turn down the thermostat when you are not home and while you sleep.

7. Little things add up.

Reverse fans to push hot air back down. Make your home extra cozy with floor coverings that will keep you warm from the ground up. Use an alternate heat source, like a gas fireplace or portable heater, in the room that you use most. A chimney balloon will keep out unwanted draughts. Throw extra blankets on the beds and put on a sweater. Get cozy!