02 January 2018


We are a hardy bunch. With the severe cold snap hitting most of Canada over the holidays we have had the opportunity to test out our fortitude and our winter wear. The weather sometimes has an affect on the real estate market as well. With the new mortgage rules and the stress testing in place, we have not seen a weather related slow down as much this year.

The cold snap does keep some people from starting their search. People are not always willing and anxious to look at houses when they have to bundle up, climb over snow banks or shovel the driveway before leaving their house.

However, I think the increased indoor time many of us have over the cold months is a real estate motivator. As we pack up the decorations and put away the holiday décor, many of us start to think about making a move. We have some time on our hands to look at listings and read about the market, and hone in on what we want in our next home.

When you think about it, it’s the perfect time to get things prepped and ready for selling. We are already packing up the holiday decor and re-organizing. In the east end our spring real estate market usually ramps up in February.

We often meet with people at this time of year; people who are anywhere from hours, days or even months away from listing their house for sale.

Visiting beautiful neighbourhoods and homes of friends and family can be the tipping point in our decision to make a move. A little house envy goes a long way. Sometimes entertaining over the holidays and feeling a little crowded or even a little house bound in the very cold weather is the motivation we need to get moving.

2018 is upon us. A new year, a fresh start and... perhaps a new house? Give us a call and we will get you moving in the Wright direction.