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05 February 2019


February 5, 2019


-- Boutique brokerage breaks traditional industry mold with ‘Team of Teams’ launch --

(Toronto, ON) -- Union Realty Inc., Toronto’s leading independent boutique brokerage, today launched an entirely new real estate business model which serves only real estate teams. This is an unprecedented real estate industry innovation, harnessing the power of collaboration to create a more consumer-centric experience for those in the Toronto real estate market. Union Realty is now comprised of three of Toronto’s top teams: DeClute Real Estate, the Wright Sisters Group and the BREL team.

“The traditional brokerage model exists to serve all realtors, whether they work as solo agents, partners or teams. It’s often an agent-centric environment with a focus on attracting new agents,” says Rochelle DeClute, broker and co-owner of Union Realty. “Yet this environment doesn’t always encourage people working at the same company to collaborate and share best practices which, in addition to being a more enjoyable environment, pushes people to succeed and ultimately serve their clients better.”

The ‘Team of Teams’ brings the core strength of each team together through agent training, shared resources and unified leadership group. All clients of Union Realty teams will now benefit from the deep experience and service excellence of DeClute Real Estate, the exceptional systems and sales processes developed by the Wright Sisters Group, and the leading-edge digital marketing delivered by the BREL team.

Real estate innovators Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche lead The BREL team, ranked #83 out of 500 of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2018 by Canadian Business Magazine. Brendan believes Toronto’s most successful real estate teams can only get better by learning from each other. “Right from the start, we wanted to work in an industry that raises everyone up. Melanie and I have worked very hard to share knowledge, and learn from the best of the best,” he says.

The pair dedicates countless hours to providing workshops and training to improve the professional standards of the industry. “When we established the Toronto Real Estate 2.0 virtual group where realtors at all brokerages who share a commitment to best practices can collaborate, solve problems and stay on top of new trends and legislation governing the industry we realized how much we can all benefit from each other. The Union takes this one step further making collaboration core in our business,” says Piche.

Melanie Wright, of the Wright Sisters Group, couldn’t agree more. “At the end of the day, we’re all here to provide the very best service to our clients. This new model gives us the opportunity to hone our strengths and push ourselves in new ways, all for benefit of our clients.”

Rick DeClute, of DeClute Real Estate, believes it is the combination of shared values as well as different, yet complementary, skill sets in this partnership that elevates each of the individual teams under the Union banner and creates a better experience for its collective clients. “Together we are supporting, collaborating and cross-marketing with the very best in the industry. All our agents are doing everything they can to achieve the best experience and results for our clients. It’s a pretty nice place -- figuratively and literally -- to belong.”

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