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06 June 2019

The spring and summer months are seasonal highlights for many people - and their furry friends. For those of us with pets — specifically dogs — their daily walks become much easier and enjoyable as the weather gets warmer. However, with more outdoor time, it also means there’s usually a fair bit more pet grooming to deal with, and a lot more dirt and mud on our floors, furniture and sometimes beds! Lately we’ve noticed a few innovative home owners incorporating designated spaces and washing stations in their residences, just for their pets.
Recently we toured a high end designer home that had a main-floor room that was entirely dedicated to their two dogs. With no details spared, it included a colourful gallery of framed pet portraits on the walls, various sizes of chic dog beds on the floor, and “treat” stations with silver bowls filled with doggy cookies. They also renovated a small closet that was in the room to include a small shower for grooming! It was very whimsical and fun, perhaps extravagant — but for some animal lovers its the absolute perfect space to corral their beloved animals, keep them happy and comfortable, and perhaps keep the rest of the house a little cleaner!
We’ve also noticed many more doggy mud-rooms popping up. From small wash tubs in the basement, to pet sinks in the mudroom, and even full-sized shower stations finished with designer tiles, beautiful faucets and monogram towels — the options are endless. We know,  to some this may seem over-the-top however a conveniently placed washing station for the family pet after a muddy walk in the park is also an incredibly practical solution as you don’t have to dirty a family bathroom or kitchen sink, or wrestle with the garden hose  — because for anyone bathing a dog, you know it’s just a messy, wet, exhausting event for the most part.
If a full-fledged pet room or washing station is a bit too much, we’ve also seen some very inexpensive and smart pet ideas on a smaller scale. Double duty furniture for small condo’s or houses are all the rage. Some retailers are selling beautiful coffee tables and side tables with cozy open built-in pet beds underneath, and also kitchen companies are offering drawers and cabinets with pet food dishes tucked in that can be opened during feeding times, and closed up and out of sight when they aren’t in use.
What do you think? Yes or no to the pet station at home?
Let us know, and enjoy your next walk with Fido!
- Emily Norris, Sales Representative