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04 July 2019
Emily Norris

Although it felt like July took its time to arrive this year, it’s a month worth celebrating! After all, it is a marker of Canada’s birthday, the sun is finally shining, and temperatures are heating up. It is the time of year where many of us can take a break from our routine to enjoy time off and even do some travelling.

There are so many fun things to do — not just around our beautiful city, but also within a short drive from our homes. I love the idea of setting fun goals and adding them to the calendar for the summer months. We choose the top 8-10 activities we really want to experience in the summer months and plan each one in detail so we can enjoy all of them before the summer passes by.

I always like to kickstart the summer with day trips. You can also add a theme to make them more fun. One year, we did amusement parks, another year hiking trails. This year we are exploring wine tours. I was amazed to learn just how many wonderful wineries there are between Niagara and Prince Edward County. According to my travel planner, Google, this number tops just over 180!

Once we have decided on our annual theme and our travel days are thoroughly planned out, we look at our options closer to home, right here in the city.  This year, again, I am focussing on activities geared more to adults, so I am looking at theatres, museums, festivals and local art galleries.

I am so grateful to live in an exceptional city. It is a treat to be able to spend a day at a beach, park, or hiking trail so close to home, or one of many entertaining attractions. It is easy to celebrate summer and our home when living is easy, and the sun is shining.

We want to wish all of our clients and friends a safe and happy summer and remember — summer is the Wright time to talk about real estate!