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09 September 2019
Rochelle DeClute

It's true, I am obsessed with real estate. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to walk through beautiful homes and gorgeous gardens, and be inspired by amazing décor and design trends, all the time. Sometimes, no… always, for me and many of us in real estate, the challenge is in keeping both feet on the ground and resist the impulse to move every couple of years. To overcome or perhaps balance this obsession with beautiful homes and the thrill of constant change, I tend to renovate, redecorate and redesign as often as I can. 

We have the benefit of having five incredible designers on our staff. Each one highly skilled and very attentive, and each one just a little bit different in terms of their style. They all do such an incredible job in transforming and staging homes for sale and they are all overflowing with ideas, tips and tricks to stay on top of current style trends each season. 

It is always inspiring to catch up with our designers and simply take an hour to walk through our enormous staging warehouse. Not only do they have access to 10,000 square feet of the most beautiful staging décor you could imagine, they are also the best resource for anything you desire or need for a renovation. They have the connections and know-how to inspire and make your dream renovation come to life.

Generally, I am able to curb the deep desire to move from beautiful house to beautiful house as I fall in love with the stunning homes I see. But, I have also worked hard and taken a few risks with real estate that have paid off nicely. I now have the opportunity to invest in more real estate. I have to say when I look at the stock market I find it hard to understand what drives the markets and when I see the return vs. investing in real estate - I choose real estate. The added bonus is seeing the transformation of the renovation, redesign and styling. ! I love using a simple formula of paint, light fixtures and easy furnishings to make a space look fresh and amazing. 

Whatever your direction - whether it be buying your first home, purchasing an income property or refreshing what you already have - drop us a line and tell us how we can help.

Happy September!