06 November 2020
Melanie Wright

Is it really that time of year again?  Are you as overwhelmed with the thought of purging the clutter that has accumulated in the last year as I am? If you are ready to start the holiday season with a clean slate, or clean space, check out our declutter your home checklist. I like the bedroom as the best place to start at my house, but our home declutter checklist gives you the strategy you need to succeed in decluttering every room in your home. 

1. Stop with the Storage Bins

Don’t go out and buy a bunch of pretty new bins, baskets and storage containers. First things first–although new storage bins and sleek containers are tempting it’s important to figure out where they will fit, how they will function and what you actually need before purchasing anything new. You can buy all the bins that you want later but you don’t need them cluttering your space while you are trying to clean up and declutter. 

2. Plan Your Attack

It’s true Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your declutter likely won’t be done in a day. Set aside a specific amount of time to work on each space. This way you won’t get totally overwhelmed and discouraged. Completely finish one room or space before moving to the next. I find a 2-3 hour window of decluttering is enough time for one day. Any more time then that and it gets overwhelming and never-ending. Finish your task and go do something fun. 

3. Toss the Trash

It’s an easy place to start. I like to begin with garbage bags in hand when I start any room. The easiest way is to begin with the surfaces you can see. The surfaces of the dressers and bedside tables and even the shelves in your closet can all be cleared. Throw out the obvious trash and then dig deeper, open the drawers. After removing everything in your sightline, take the garbage bags to the bins as soon as they are full. Take any boxes or bags for donating straight out to your car. Don’t surround yourself with more clutter as you clear. 

4. Get Real

Nobody has a closet that looks like the one they feature in the decor magazines. Believe me, I know. I see a ton of houses and a ton of closets and nobody lives as they present in the photo shoot, even if it happened to be in that particular room or closet. Have realistic expectations and you won’t disappoint yourself. Good enough is good enough when it comes to decluttering and organization.

5. Decide to Donate

A basic rule of thumb for everything, not just applicable to clothing, is to simply ask yourself "does this bring me joy?" The question to ask is, "have I actually touched it in the last 12 months?" If you haven’t then perhaps it’s time to donate it. Here is the other hard and fast rule. Do not let it sit in your house while you wait to take it to the donation bin, or give it to a friend who you think really wants it. Put it in your trunk and drive it to the bin or to the friend right away. Leaving the donation items piled up around you won’t help you to get the job done.