01 December 2020
Emily Norris

The holidays are upon us, and this year we have noticed that some people are going ahead and decorating earlier than usual – perhaps because many of us have been spending more time at home during the pandemic, or maybe we are just eager to bring in that holiday cheer? Whatever the reason, we support it!

One very festive and impactful way to create that feeling of holiday at home is by decorating your mantle. Some are lucky enough to have a “real” fireplace mantle, and some of us will improvise with a faux mantle, but even an entryway table or sofa table will work beautifully. Find a surface that you can clear off to create a lovely holiday scene, and most importantly, have fun with it.

Probably the best way to begin is by thinking about your style – are you a modernist or traditionalist? Do you like things monochrome, or prefer to introduce lots of different colours? If you aren’t sure, research online by searching “holiday mantle inspirations” and you will quickly find out what makes you happy – and use those images as inspiration in your own home.

Decide on a colour palette and think about texture too. Even the most modern tastes use texture to create dimension and interest. For instance, if you are using glass bowls of white and silver ornaments on the mantle, perhaps pull in some simple birch branches, shiny ribbons, white twinkle lights, or white and grey feather accents to create a layered, textural feel. If you are choosing lots of colour in the mantle, introduce sprigs of cedar, pinecones or other nature-inspired accessories. Twinkle lights will beautifully illuminate this style too. Don’t be afraid to try different things, remember this is not permanent so definitely have some fun.

Lastly, incorporate a focal point. Groupings of three are always visually pleasing and create an instant focal point, so perhaps it’s a trio of candlesticks on one end of the mantle, or a trio of  bowls filled with shiny round ornaments in the middle of the surface – groupings of bottle brush trees or even a larger vintage crystal bowl filled with oranges or clementines is beautiful too. Once you establish the focal point, from there you can add in a smattering of your other favourite things such as colourful nutcrackers, special sentimental figurines and greenery too.

We would love to see your holiday mantles and tables, so please send us your creations if you can! And as always, happy holiday decorating!