09 December 2020
Emily Norris

There is nothing better to heighten holiday spirit than taking a walk or drive in the evening and seeing houses lit up with twinkling holiday lights, inflatable snowmen or Santa, and urns bursting with garland. Exterior decorating during the holidays is essentially heightening your curb appeal. It’s your time to go above and beyond with light shows and ornaments, or perhaps you choose to play it very cool and minimal. Whatever your take, as always have fun and do what works for you.

Very much like inside, the way you choose to decorate outside can depend on a few things: are you a maximalist? Minimalist? Traditional or modern? Depending on your chosen style, you may go with a set colour scheme – for a minimalist it could be all white or all blue, with some simple coordinates such as white or blue bows around railings or columns, one or two repeating exterior ornaments hanging from trees, or a simple urn arrangement with cedar and birch. Even simpler? Go with only lights, distributing them generously on trees and shrubs for additional impact – or you can trim your windows and doors, or a porch railing and call it a day. Simple is anything but boring.

For maximalists, pretty much anything goes this time of year. Many of us have been collecting exterior décor for years, and we pull it out each season. Maybe this year is the time to add a few different items – or think of a new way to arrange what you have. Check your lights and invest in a few more strands in different colours if you can; lights are the single best way to bring in holiday cheer. You can enhance your look with beautiful hanging oversized ornaments that light up at night in various colours – they are stunning. If you have large faux reindeer or polar bears, you can update their look with nice wide ribbons tied around their necks, or string lights around them for a fresh update. Try grouping a few items together at the front door, or under a front yard tree to amp up the impact – this could be a wooden sled with some cute vintage penguins or a snowman sitting on top, or a few holiday urns with multi-coloured bows, balls and lights. 

The nice thing about exterior decorating is it’s supposed to be light-hearted, and it isn’t permanent. So you can follow some simple guidelines if you need them, but there truly are no rules. The only rule is to have fun, practice gratitude and make the most of the holidays with loved ones.