15 December 2020
Union Realty

Prepping for the Holidays: Florals

Something that might be overlooked in your holiday decor is florals! We love an arrangement or fresh garland to make a big impact in any space, and you won’t have to store them away after the season is over. Here are our top tips to any great holiday arrangement.

The first step, much like in any decor project, is determining your style and colour scheme. While green pine and red poinsettias might satisfy the traditionalist, those with more modern style may want to experiment with birch branches and berries.

Next, source your florals. We love the House and Garden Co. in Birchcliff, Garden’s Path Floral Design in Leslieville, Beachwood Flower Shop in the Beaches and Flox on Danforth.

Finally, whether you’re arranging a vase, an urn or a garland across your mantle, think of these simple rules of floral design:

  1. Stick to a theme. Whether that’s a colour scheme, a certain type of bloom, or common shapes amongst your chosen florals, keep it organized.
  2. Try to create symmetry, but there’s no need to mirror if it’s not your style. If you’re adding a large bloom to one side, add a similar sized bunch of small flowers on the other side.
  3. Vary the heights of your floral elements. This will create dimension.
  4. Make sure the size and shape of your arrangement fits the size of the space you’re decorating. You won’t want a huge bouquet in the middle of your small coffee table, nor would you want a small arrangement on your eight person dining table.
  5. Have fun! Whether it’s a centrepiece or just something to liven up your side table, floral arrangements should make you happy! When in doubt, consult your florist.