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Real Estate Resolutions

08 January 2020
Melanie Wright

Are you looking to buy or sell real estate this year? Read on to find out how to buy a home and how to sell a home in 2020.

Time Flies at Dance/Exercise Classes

08 November 2019
Union Realty

I would love to dance like Karen Kain, so when I saw Stewart Moracen's sign on Queen Street describing his dance exercise class for adults, I thought this kind of dancing might be what I'm looking for.

DeClute's Annual Light Up the Beach

29 October 2019
Rochelle DeClute

It’s always around this time of year that people ask me about the DeClute Light Up The Beach event. When is it happening? How does it work? What is it?

For the love of real estate

09 September 2019
Rochelle DeClute

It’s true, I am obsessed with real estate. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to walk through beautiful homes and gorgeous gardens, and be inspired by amazing décor and design trends, all the time.


06 August 2019
Melanie Wright

It feels like time goes so much faster in the summer even though the days are longer and the pace is slower. It’s been a busy time for us.