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We're Matching Your Donations!

03 April 2020
Union Realty

Making a difference together. We are matching your donations this week, when our healthcare heroes need us most.

Bank of Canada Overnight Rate Cut

27 March 2020
Outline Financial

The Bank of Canada just cut the Overnight Lending Rate by another 0.5% (from 0.75% to the all-time low of 0.25%).  What does this mean for mortgage rates?

Team Quarantine...with Kids

22 March 2020
Emily Norris

We are well into self-isolation due to COVID-19, and I am cautiously optimistic that this curveball may not be as horrible as we thought...

Staying Sane While Self-Isolating

19 March 2020
Union Realty

Like many work places in the city, our team has advised staff to self-isolate in an effort to flatten the curve. What does that mean; “flatten the curve?”

Home inspections: what you need to know in 2020

06 March 2020
Melanie Wright

Congratulations! After endless hours searching online and likely more lost weekends than you care to count visiting open houses you have finally found that perfect home. Now to think about all of the logistics involved with purchasing that perfect home.