The Wright Sisters Group has created a specialized approach to both buying and selling real estate. Taking full advantage of internet based marketing, social media outlets and the latest cutting-edge technology has allowed them to market their clients homes in a professional wide spread manner.

Imagine a Pilot servicing his aircraft, checking the tire pressure, fuel tanks and serving in-flight meals? Or a heart transplant operation where a Surgeon prepares the equipment, checks the lights, preps the patient and performs a complicated surgery on their own? Now imagine the sale of your home, the largest investment and asset most people own. Would you prefer an entire team of professionals focused on you and your move or a single agent trying to perform a multitude of tasks on his or her own? An effort of a single agent that is a “jack of all trades and master of none” will never equal or amount to the team efforts of many highly trained, focused and specialized professionals. An average agent spends 80% of his/her time on administration, paper work and follow-up on details and only 20% on selling your home. With a team handling the administration & back door details, your agent is not distracted by the countless details of running a real estate practice and can now focus 80% of their time on finding and qualifying the buyer, promoting your home to fellow agents & negotiating the best price for your home.

Since you are investing thousands of dollars into an agent to search for buyers and sell your home, where and how do you want your agent to spend their time?

  1. Searching for buyers and marketing your home?
  2. Doing administrative work?


  1. There are a million details to be attended to when buying or selling your home
  2. The Wright Sisters “team” includes systems and plans to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks


  • When even the smallest details are overlooked, the sale often becomes compromised
  • You may be exposed to potential liabilities and costs, as well as increased stress
  • It could jeopardize the successful completion of the sale


  • Someone is always there to respond promptly and handle your issues, problems or concerns
  • Everyone is focused on you and the sale of your home
  • You receive frequent communication and reporting with regard to feedback of all showings from agents and buyers who have viewed your home
  • Someone is always available to respond to all inquiries about your home and answer any questions buyers may have
  • Once the home has sold, you are regularly updated on the progress of the sale